Jewish David Horodok

David Horodok was founded in 1100 ny David, the grandson of Yaroslav Mudriy (978 - 1054). From the middle of XVI century the town belonged to Great Lituanian Principality. In 1521-1551 David Horodok belonged to Poland with the Queen Bona Sphortsa at the head. She appreciated that Jews moved from Western Europe and settled in David Horodok. Their occupation was trade.
In Lituanian-Polish Principality Jews had their rights and advantages - they lived Kagal, their religion was Iudaism. In David Horodok they had their Rabbi, two synagogues and Jewish schools. Their rights were written in the Constitution of 1588.
After the second dividing of Retch Pospolitaya in 1793 David Horodok became a part of Russia and was the centre of uyezd of Minsk province.
Soviet Power in David Horodok appeared on November 1917. In 1918 - 1920 David Horodok was occupied by Germans, and then by Polish troops. Since 1921 till 1939 it belonged to Poland.
The Jews in David Horodok lived in the central Yurievskaya Street (Sovetskaya Street now). Since January 1940 David Horodok was the center of the district of Pinsk Region, Belorussian Republic.
On the 7th of July 1941 David Horodok was occupied by the German troops. On the 10th of August about 3000 Jewish men of David Horodok were shot by the fascists of SS and local policemen in Hinavsk and Olshony. About 1200 Jewish women and children were taken away from the town, and later they were killed in Hinavsk and Stasino together with other Jews from Stolin ghetto.

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